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Custom Conveyors

Conveyor Technology has the capability to fully design, manufacture and install a multitude of conveyor systems and materials handling solutions. From fully automated production lines to assembly cells and boxing machines. From concept to completion we have the solution.

Conveyor systems are materials handling equipment, they are used primarily to transfer load from one area to another efficiently reducing the need for manual involvement in the process.

Conveyor systems are crucial for warehouse operations, manufacturing, commercial and distributive applications and any other applications where large amounts of material/product need to be moved quickly, safely and efficiently.

Conveyor systems are used in all industrial sectors such as airport, cement, environment, manufacturing, sugar processing, packaging etc. Either as stand-alone equipment or in conjunction with other equipment.

It is absolutely essential to choose the right conveyor system as it is directly related to productivity, efficiency and output. Selecting the wrong type of conveyor system could have disastrous effects on a company.

The advantages of a conveyor system are:

  • More efficient usage of space
  • Reduced manual labour involvement
  • Increased production output
  • More efficient production process
  • Reliable and cost effective

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