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Loading & Boom Conveyors

belt conveyors

Boom Conveyors

Lorry loading conveyors are used for the rapid handling of mixed cargo such as packages, boxes and loose goods like tyres and furniture.

They come in many shapes and sizes and we classify them as either fixed, mobile or van loaders. Flexible conveyors can also be used for vehicle loading and unloading.

Fixed Belt Boom Conveyors

Fixed boom conveyors are so called because they are installed in one position and are not easily moved, ideal for loading docks

Mobile Vehicle Loaders

Mobile vehicle loader conveyors have a subframe with wheels that enables the conveyor to be moved easily as required, eliminating the need of a loading dock.

Conveyor specifications:

Max. Extension 15000 mm depending on design

Capacity up to 50kg per metre and 100kg end load

Belt Speed up to 20m per minute

Features 400, 600 or 800mm belt

Our Loading Conveyors start from under £5000 - and we sometimes have used units available.  
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