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Inclined Conveyors

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Incline Conveyors

Mezzanine floor conveyors are designed and manufactured by Conveyor Technology to cope with heavy duty production and throughputs and have been used extensively in the production and storage industries. Advance mezz floor conveyors are designed to transport product of all shapes and sizes up to and down from mezzanine floors.

Mezzanine floor conveyors are a very popular alternative to a vertical goods lift, primarily because they are simpler to operate, cheaper to manufacture and install, and often capable of higher levels of product throughput.

Conveyor specifications:

  • Belt Widths: 200mm to 1200mm.
  • Roller Diameters: 113mm.
  • Lengths: Up to 16m.
  • Loads: Up to 75kg depending on belt width & spee

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Our Inclined Conveyors start from under £3000  
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